Caitlin Roach
Senior Product Designer
I'm a Senior Product Designer with over 8 years of experience who is passionate about creating designs and experiences that improve lives. My background includes designing experiences and design systems for SaaS, Cloud, AI, Public Safety, and Emerging Technologies.
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Cambridge, UK
Remote working preferred
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Team culture, Design systems, Collaboration and team processes, Design advocacy, Figma and learning new tools, Mentorship, Transitioning from visual to product and UX design

While my design education began in graphic design, near the end of my time in school and throughout my career, I’ve transitioned into a hybrid role of visual designer and user experience designer, with a bit of UX research tossed in.

My interest lies in finding the best solution for the user and championing their needs throughout the entire design process to find ways to better their lives and workdays. I work in all aspects of the process, from assisting researchers with their testing plans on designs that I have produced to wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to working with the development team to ensure implementation of designs goes smoothly.

I thrive in a highly collaborative environment and believe that the best solutions come from building upon one another's ideas and that getting constant feedback and critique from all parties (development and project management included) is integral to creating the best solutions we can. On every team I work with, I work to establish useful processes and to create a friendly, open, and collaborative environment that makes my coworkers excited to work with me and on the products we work on.

When I am not designing, you can find me hanging out with my dog, hiking, weaving, woodworking, and playing and coaching volleyball.

What it's like to work with me
Caitlin was a founding member of our design team at RapidDeploy. She was an integral and beloved part of our team, and was widely respected across the organization for her abilities as a designer and her orientation toward process, culture, and team building.

Caitlin was instrumental in the creation, development, and maintenance of our design system, a body of work she owned and evolved with input from the design, product, and engineering teams. She was the lead designer on the top-to-bottom redesign of Radius, RapidDeploy's tactical mapping application, which dramatically improved usability and accessibility. Caitlin had also begun to shape the redesign of RapidDeploy's computer-aided dispatch (CAD) platform, an incredibly complex product that, once again, Caitlin shaped into something approachable for new and experienced 911 telecommunications alike.

Caitlin's craft is outstanding, but perhaps more importantly, she's a fierce supporter of and generous collaborator with others both in and outside of design. She independently proposed, created, and led organization-wide efforts to instill knowledge of design throughout the company, and was heavily involved in efforts to improve and shape the culture of the organization.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have gotten the chance to work with Caitlin. She's a rare combination of talent and heart, and any organization would be fortunate to have her.
Lucas Artusi, Director of Design @ RapidDeploy
Caitlin is an incredible mentor and design leader. Not only is she strong in her craft, but she also uplifts and encourages those around her. I've learned so much about design principles, navigating cross-functional collaboration, and design <> business impact during our time together. She truly pushes the boundaries of what is possible in design and product. Working with Caitlin has been an honor, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.
Stephanie Ji, Designer @ RapidDeploy
I had the pleasure of working with Caitlin on some innovative 9-1-1 call-taking, call handling, and mapping projects at RapidDeploy. Throughout my career, I’ve always wanted to work with passionate, expert designers that care deeply about learning how our users work, and the environment in which they work, to produce incredible designs that truly deliver the best possible experience. Caitlin is exactly that kind of designer, and I was blessed with the opportunity to have worked with her.

It was especially inspiring to watch her roll up her sleeves and spend long days and nights in 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Centers by the sides of telecommunicators as they handled both routine and difficult calls, to learn how they do their jobs, how we can make their lives easier, and how we can give them additional tools to provide the absolute best emergency response. It was a perfect example of how dedicated Caitlin is to providing amazing designs and amazing solutions. I could not recommend her more highly enough, and she would be an incredible addition to any design team.
Brooks Shannon, VP of GIS @ RapidDeploy
Caitlin's strong problem solving skills combined with her initiative and desire to learn new skills makes her a great designer, collaborator, and team member. Caitlin is also very action focused -- she likes get things done.  Combine that attitude with her growing skill set and you have a natural design leader.  Caitlin excels at plotting a course and rallying her colleagues to take action.  She builds trust by not only delivering in all commitments but also by building a collaborative environment in which people have a voice and want to participate. Caitlin's passion for both great design and strong team culture make her valuable to any design organization.
Mark Marrara, Design Manager @ IBM Watson
Working with Caitlin to solve problems in the Public Safety space has been a genuine highlight of my career. Caitlin is passionate about delivering quality designs that are always backed by user research. She has always been available to chat about improvements, talk through new ideas, work through issues, and even just bounce ideas off of.

I can speak for the engineering team too and say that the professionalism and respect between the engineers, QA and Caitlin leading the design aspect was really wonderful to see. Caitlin also goes above and beyond outside of her role, ensuring that there are team building meetings setup, and even ensuring everyone gets a birthday card! I could not recommend Caitlin highly enough - she would be such an asset to any design team.
Rebecca de Beer, Product Manager @ RapidDeploy