IBM Cloud

Product Designer
Designing products that enable the use of AI
Digital products
Cloud computing
Visual design
UX design


Throughout my time in IBM Cloud, I worked primarily on a set of foundational cloud computing services. These services allowed developers to deploy, code, and manage their applications hosted on IBM Cloud, previously IBM Bluemix.


Containers and VMs

Infrastructure for cloud deployments

Active Deploy

Enabling seamless changeover in deployments

Feedback from my coworkers

Caitlin has been played a crucial role in my personal development at IBM. Volunteering to provide me with consistent mentorship showed a selfless act that was made even more evident by her taking the time to answer questions, explain complicated inner-workings and propose thoughtful solutions. The guidance she gave was done at a personal level, explaining how to be successful as a designer at IBM. She was extremely approachable in this regard and made asking even the most obvious questions easy. I highly respected Caitlins ability to answer the questions she could, and then be aware enough to admit and decline the ones she couldn't, but then introduce me to those who might. This showed an ability to forget about oneself's personal image and focus on helping others solve the real problem. I'm appreciative of the well rounded and all around guidance and support.
Steven Parker, Visual Designer @ IBM Cloud