WTF Should I...

A decision making app with attitude

My role

UX/Visual designer, along with 2 additional designers


Mobile application


4 weeks


WTF Should I… is a decision making app that helps you when you just can’t decide on what to eat, drink, do, read, or watch. Over time, it learns from the past choices that you have made, and tailors any future recommendations to you. Every suggestion is served up to you with a handful of sass to accompany it.We challenged ourselves to create an application that would help users make decisions, while allowing them an out if they don’t like the choice that was made. We also focused on using language and visuals to give the application personality and to feel like more than just a randomizing application.


Filters help the app better understand just what you are in the mood for.Once you choose to follow through with a suggestion, be sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Looking to watch a show on Netflix? Jump directly to the Netflix app and start watching. Activities can be scheduled and sent to friends to save the date.

Users and User Flow