Zombie Apocalypse Experience

A collaboration with HP and SCAD to create an immersive digital experience

My role

Project Manager and Designer, alongside another designer, a copywriter, and a film production manager


Immersive experience


3 months


Hewlett-Packard came to us with the challenge to utilize their newly acquired augmented reality application, Aurasma, to promote and socialize Elev8ed, a local business in the Savannah area, and to find new and interesting ways to use Aurasma with printed media.

Our team planned and implemented a zombie apocalypse event. The event fell on the weekend before Halloween, and the unique culture and aesthetic of the Elev8ed store fit perfectly with the idea of a zombie theme, with the store itself serving as a safety bunker. In addition to the theming of the store and surrounding areas, we created “live” printed collateral that could be scanned with the app and give users access to additional content not accessible through traditional print media.